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Patronization for Orphans and Adoption Using Android Application

Patronization for Orphans and Adoption Using Android Application

All around the world, every 30 seconds two children become orphans. Almost there are more than 100 million orphans worldwide. In Asia alone there may be 65 million orphans. They are hungry, afraid and lonely. Their main issues are lack of foods and clothes for their daily usage and lack of education and money. Here, we are introducing an android application which will defeat these issues in an easy manner as well as quickly without spending more time. The notion of this paper is to support orphans of different orphanages by the people who wish to contribute the children and adopting children through online by using our android application. They can help orphans in the orphanages by contributing foods and clothes to the particular orphanage they wish, through online. The people who wish to adopt children can use this application to see the children’s details with their photos in different orphanages and they can choose the child they like and other formalities is done by visiting that particular orphanage where the chosen orphan is. Fund transaction is also made by our application. This paper will be beneficial for the orphans. The weary persons can make use of this application for contributing orphans and adopting children. This android application not only indulges in the process of adopting the orphans and providing shelter but also impulses their life by donating food, clothes and money Patronization for Orphans and Adoption Using Android Application

Abandoned but not alone, every year at most 100 millions of kids are made orphans and more than 100 millions of parents are not having kids of their own. But that’s not a sin performed by them. If each parent tries to adopt a kid then it will be great full for both turning “impossible to I am possible”. Almost most of these parents come forward to adopt a kid but they are not channeled to a right path of how
to adopt these kids. We a team of 3 decided to break the tantrums and help them both by our very own developed android app. This android application not only indulges in the process of adopting the orphans and providing shelter but also impulses their life by donating food, clothes and money. By
this, the end-users are given multiple options to help the orphans, for which the users are asked to login using their phone number for unique authentication, so as to avoid chaos.

In the old process of adoption & donation donor have undergo many manual process Prospective adoptive parents need to register with an authorized agency Home study and the child Filling of the petition Acceptance of the child Pre adoption foster care Referral of the child Court hearing Court order Follow up

Major drawback of the process is that option for the adopter is limited. And it increases the delay of adoption and time consuming. Because of such lengthy process many willing people will also lose their interest in adopting. In the later period government of Indian taken some initiative to help the orphans and introduced a website named CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority) is a statutory body of ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India. It functions as the nodal body of adoption. But the drawback of this paper is that there is no option for donating through online.
So it disappoints the donor who is willing to donate via online .CARA gives the details of agency which was government approved. By selecting the region, donor will get the details of the nearby government approved organizations. Later this website is developed into an android application “Give Orphanage” which was a private application and developed version of CARA website. It provides the bank details and online payment methods, but the drawback of this application is it gives details of only particular orphanage. In later period many application was developed but not in India.

In conclusion, technology has the power to revolutionize the way orphanages are managed, and the Orphanage Management System Based Android App is at the forefront of this transformation. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, it empowers orphanage administrators, staff, and volunteers to better serve the children and make a positive impact in their lives. So, let’s embrace the power of technology and create a brighter future for orphanages worldwide.


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