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Fire Rescue System for High Rise Building Mobile Computing

Fire Rescue System for High Rise Building Mobile Computing

The effect of fire accidents is threatening human life which is causing the deaths of thousands of people and property loss. In most of the fire accidents, people get stuck in the rooms or on the stairs due to a lack of rescue methods. So there must be a secondary system which is essential to save more lives during fire accidents. The currently available secondary systems limit its use due to the unavailability of speed control. This paper introduces a FIRE RESCUE SYSTEM [FRS] FOR HIGH RISE BUILDING which is a secondary evacuation system. The proposed system is semi-automatic and has a speed control feature. The simplicity and efficiency of the system land the user safely on the ground.

High rise buildings are not only masterpieces of architecture but also represent the success and wealth of the city or nation. Any nation can’t afford the damage to them. Fire accidents are one of the major causes which harm buildings but most importantly human beings [2]. During fire accidents in multistory buildings, major failure aspects include the closing of escape routes and failure of the working condition of fire fighting equipment, therefore people can’t get away to escape from the situation. Lifts and exit stairs provide access and egress for inter-floor transportation during a normal situation. However in a fire emergency situation, lifts are often shut down automatically, so exit stairs are the only way of escape.
Whereas due to the stack effect, it is not safe enough to evacuate all occupants via the stairs in case of fire. The stack effect affects air movement and smoke, which causes a respiratory problem on the upper floors [2]. As indicated by the study, 99% of the world’s extinguisher stairway is limited to the 7th floor [1][b]. Many fire-extinguishers cannot reach the place at proper time which forces the occupants to jump
through the window and lose their lives. These deaths show the deficiency of secondary evacuation systems. Many deaths during this situation can be avoided if secondary evacuation is used. FIRE RESCUE SYSTEM [FRS] FOR HIGH RISE BUILDING introduces an emergency egress system having wireless speed control feature which ensures the safe evacua- tion of the individual and helps to save valuable lives. In this paper, the FIRE RESCUE SYSTEM is referred to as FRS

The proposed system in this paper, not only provides safe egress but also helps to achieve speed control feature. The whole system can be portrayed as a mechanical section, and control section. In the mechanical section, all the design calculations and selection criteria of the motor, shaft, and the
sprocket are given whereas in the control section circuit as- sembly as well as controlling part of the system is elaborated. As Fire Rescue System is used for rescuing the people, it must sustain the weight of the user. Considering an average weight of 40 kg and a shaft diameter of 2 cm, a motor with
a torque of about 80 kg-cm is required.

Furthermore, Rescue Wings is designed to be highly adaptable and customizable. It can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different disaster scenarios and can integrate with existing emergency management systems. This flexibility ensures that Rescue Wings can seamlessly integrate into the existing infrastructure, making it a valuable addition to any disaster response toolkit.

In conclusion, Rescue Wings is a game-changer in the field of disaster response and recovery. By harnessing the power of mobile computing, real-time data analysis, augmented reality, and seamless communication, this innovative application empowers first responders to act swiftly and effectively during times of crisis. With Rescue Wings, the future of disaster management is brighter, safer, and more efficient.


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