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Sharing Confidential Documents Management System for Multiuser

Sharing Confidential Documents Management System for Multiuser

In an enterprise environment, various types of information are distributed. Information to be distributed can be distributed in text, audio, or video types, but the most basic distribution unit is a document file. Some organizations may distribute confidential information by storing it in a file. Only limited users can access these files, and unauthorized access should be blocked. In this study, we propose a confidential document file sharing technique that allows only limited users to access and check the contents. The proposed technique uses encryption technology and uses a key management system. Due to these characteristics, only pre-defined users can access. As a result of verifying the function to confirm the effectiveness of the targeted confidential document technique, it was confirmed that all the targeted functions were provided. Because this study uses encryption technology, the performance is slower than the legacy method. Additional research is needed to improve this. Sharing Confidential Documents Management System for Multiuser

With the development of information society, the multimedia service of combining images, sound, and data and the high-rate data service are becoming essential service content, their volume of service will be far more than the traditional voice traffic volume of service, and, people have more and more high demand on multimedia service, that is not only confined to support multimedia service, but also inclined to the real-time, convenience and more humane of multimedia service. So the trend of development of current communication service can be summarized in the following three points: IP-based, multimedia-oriented, and fusion. IMS is one complete solution which supports real-time, customizable multimedia service based on SIP[1][5] protocol. It realizes the end-to-end IP multimedia communication, with the appearance and development of IMS network, the telecommunication operators bring the idea of IP-based into the telecoms service, IMS multimedia conference is thus produced, it integrates the functions of multi-source video, audio conference and data coordination.

The structure of whiteboard application is shown in figure 2, session control center is a session core system which is composed by many servers. Each whiteboard client is controlled by the session control center, each whiteboard session will be assigned an identifier(URL), through which the client can take part in a whiteboard session, the SIP servers in the session control center will provide the users with relative session strategy and guarantee the dialogue coupling unobstructed, session control center is mainly responsible for the control and management of conversation. The session control center provides the electronic whiteboard session service, there it gives its own URI, it is a URI for SIP AS, if user want to create an electronic whiteboard session, user must send SIP request message to the URI. After receiving the INVITE message, AS will later mandate, and then the session connection is ready.

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