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Social Contact Experience Design for Sports APP

Social Contact Experience Design for Sports APP

With the development of economy and the increase of income, people pay much attention to improving the quality of material life, and pay more attention to how to improve their health level through sports. Although sports are often personalized or small team, sports can also create social topics for social activities. For sports APP, sports social contact is an important part of improving the product experience. This article analyzes why the movement needs to be sociable; what is the characteristics of the current sports APP social contact; finally, a new idea of the design of a new sports social experience is put forward.

Sports APP is an inevitable product that conforms to the development trend of information technology in my country, meets the needs of users’ sports informationization, and promotes the in-depth implementation of national fitness sports. It is also the combination of mobile Internet and my country’s traditional sports industry, and the rapid development of the Internet and the in-depth implementation of national fitness Under the promotion, a new way of dissemination of sports information has emerged. In order to deepen the knowledge and understanding of sports APP, this paper studies the reconstruction of sports industry informatization software architecture based on mobile APP, and further analyzes the detailed categories of sports industry informatization.

about social interaction, the explanation on Baidu encyclopedia is “social interaction” refers to the
communication between people in the society. It is a social activity that people use certain way to convey information and exchange ideas to achieve certain purpose. [4] From here we can see the social transfer is the core of information and ideas, both of which have to be a prerequisite is that social parties.

With the birth of all kinds of social tools, the flow of information between people is becoming easier. This makes “Flaunt” become a social trend. People will show their views and ideas on a variety of social tools to create their own personal image features and charisma. With the collection and accumulation of various sports data, the information accumulated by the user is gradually changing and increasing. The surrounding environment will gradually form a potential difference in personal information. As mentioned earlier, the difference in the potential energy caused by the disequilibrium of this information is the source of the generation of social behavior. The seeds of “flaunt” also germinate in the human heart and grow rapidly and barbarally. At the same time, these data will gradually draw the user’s moving life profile, and which represents a positive, healthy, and upward personal image. Users will be more willing to show the image of their own. At the same time, it is also willing to give positive feedback to the image of the surrounding environment in the face of this image. Even if it is just a point in WeChat which no any words, it is also a valuable touch point for the exchange of information between the user and the environment. It is conducive to the formation of a closed loop of social behavior and to lay the groundwork and anticipation for the next social behavior.

So the sports scene is the key point for social experience design of sports APP. And we can use the “addiction model” to help user have a habit – addiction.



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