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Design and Implementation of Super Mall System

Design and Implementation of Super Mall System

A B2C platform e-commerce system is completed by analysing the current mainstream e-commerce system functions. The system uses a distributed architecture including search system, single sign-on system, backstage system, order system, shopping cart system, data analysis system. The use of RPC(Remote Procedure Call) protocol to achieve communication between the system. The message queue mechanism improves the speed of response to the user, using Nosql database Redis as a cache. The use of a large number of technologies achieve high cohesion low coupling principle Server to reduce the pressure on the database to read and write. The use of AOP(Aspect-Oriented Programming) ideas on the database achieve the database read and write separation. The system uses Tomcat as a Web application server, database using MYSQL, Nginx as a Web server load load balancing and reverse proxy. Each system pass Dubbo communication to achieve mutual cooperation function. The system pass functional testing. it has good stability. According to the results of the stress test, virtual machine server can do the number of concurrent 400 under the cycle request 100 times. It is the error rate of 5%. If the nodes are clustered, the compression effect will be better. The flexibility can be designed for different requests. Design and Implementation of Super Mall System

In recent years, the rapid development of China’s e- commerce in trading volume has led to a record high. The application of e-commerce in various fields has been expanding and deepened, the related service industry is booming, the support system is constantly improving, the motivation and ability of innovation are constantly enhanced. E-commerce is integrating with the real economy, entering
the stage of large-scale development, and the impact on economic and social life is growing, which is becoming the new engine of China’s economic development. For traditional enterprises, the whole industry chain of goods purchase, sales, collection, distribution and so on depends on themselves, which will be more complicated. But participating in the B2C model can increase efficiency, reduce costs, stimulate more demand, and achieve a win-win business model. The Super Mall System’s demands arises for it, which is structured by modular online transaction system. Company chooses a series of merchandise for online sales. Users by searching for accurate positioning to want to buy goods, add to cart, generate orders and online payment, which can save the user and enterprise of time and space, greatly improve the efficiency of deals.

The Super Mall System of User Interface has many functions such as hot product ad rotation, searching for merchandise, viewing product details, adding a shopping cart, generating merchandise orders, and the like. The system is divided into two roles: user and operator. Users have the following operations: register, log in, join shopping cart, browse goods, search goods, shopping cart settlement, personal center. Operations of operators include: login, order processing, content management, commodity category management, commodity information management, commodity parameter management and user information management. The Admin Zone has many functions such as displaying merchandise, adding merchandise, adding content categories, adding content, and synchronizing the index
library. The integrated development environment of The Super Mall System is Eclipse. The development framework uses SSM. Maven is used to manage dependency between Jar package management and engineering. Svn/Git is used to manage project code and document. The distributed service
framework uses Dubbo, which uses ZooKeeper as the registration center of Dubbo. The database server uses MySql and the cache server uses Redis. Lucene/Solr is used to implement the full-text search function, the Freemarker template engine is used to implement page statics, and Zookeeper is used to manege distributed coordination services

The core business objects in the system include user, order, commodity, commodity description and commodity category. One user can create multiple orders; An order can only have one order logistics; An order can only contain one order detail, and an order detail can contain more than one item. A commodity contains a description of a commodity, a commodity contains a commodity classification; A content corresponds to a content category

The Super Mall System aims to provide users with a simple and elegant boundary, easy to understand functions, and convenient to operation, which provide a simple and comfortable and convenient shopping website platform for the majority of users. The system pass functional has good stability. According to the results of the stress test, virtual machine server can do the number of concurrent 400 under the cycle request 100 times.It is the error rate of 5%. If the nodes are clustered, the compression effect will be better.The flexibility can be designed for different requests



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